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From concept to script to stage, every great show starts with a great idea. But even the best idea goes nowhere without a committed producer. Stellation's skilled team of producers work tirelessly on every event to ensure the best possible productions for our clients.

General Management
Stellation Entertainment can manage every aspect of your production from the smallest details to the big picture. Our worldwide resources allow us to secure the finest directors, designers, technicians and music supervisors. In addition, clients can feel confident in turning over to Stellation even the most tedious tasks including accounting, tax filings, visas and more.

We're proud of our long-term relationships with some of the most creative advertising and design firms in the country. To that end, Stellation can oversee the development of logo design, promotional materials, internet marketing, social media, advertising, television and radio production as well as implement the creation of investor packets for clients.

With our extensive contacts throughout the world, we can book your show in places like Beijing, Seoul, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Zurich, London, Berlin, Istanbul and of course, the U.S. and Canada.