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About Us

Headquartered in New York City, Stellation Entertainment is an international production company that specializes in the development, booking, marketing and management of live entertainment events around the world and currently maintains a global reach with production partners in China, England, Germany, Egypt, Korea, Indonesia, Europe, Australia and Argentina.

WILLIAM MEADE - Co-Managing Director
William Meade is a Grammy Nominated Producer with that rare ability to excel at both the creative and business sides of event production. His extensive background in creating and producing live events, concerts and television shows has led to a variety of productions that have played in over 20 countries and have been seen by millions of people. As a special advisor for the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Meade has been a guest lecturer throughout the United States and China. In the television realm, he has written, arranged and produced for shows that include Sesame Street, The Miss America Pageant, The Super Bowl Half Time Show, Sex and the City, The Miss America Pageant and A Current Affair. Recently, Meade was the Co-Producer for a CCTV television special honoring the opening of diplomatic ties between China and the United States that was broadcast around the world.

CHRISTOPHER SLOAN - Co-Managing Director
Christopher Sloan is an award-winning science communicator. Mr. Sloan spent 18 years at National Geographic Magazine as Art Director, Senior Editor, and Director of Mission Projects. As Art Director he led the magazine visualization into the digital age through the use of 3D scanning, modeling, and animation. Mr. Sloan has written two feature articles for National Geographic Magazine. His enthusiasm for communicating science to a broad audience extends to popular literature and children's books. What Does it Mean to be Human?, co-authored with Rick Potts, is a companion book to the popular new Human Origins hall of Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Mr. Sloan also has written eight award-winning children's books for National Geographic. He recently was managing editor for the Rolex Foundation Perpetual Spirit "Exploration" publication and co-organized the Apsen Institute Environment Forum. Mr. Sloan also lectures and teaches classes that foster analogous thinking and inter-disciplinary relationships among artists, scientists, and media professionals.